Patvokat ® Tools

PATVOKAT ® secure

To provide a basis for proved data security while exchanging sensitive information with our clients we offer a personal secured post box that is available for uploading and downloading any documents that you and we need for handling your case.

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PATVOKAT ® anywhere

To get the "status quo" of your file wherever your are you will get instant access to your files via a virtual private network channel that is implemented in our firm?s network.

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PATvokat­ ® invent

For clients that have to be aware of the German "employee invention law" we provide a computer based service that makes it possible to take care of any invention made by an employee under German law. We offer an online mask for submitting invention notifications. We handle the formal procedure to transfer the invention from the employee to the employer. And we negotiate a reasonable compensation with the employee.

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PATvokat­ ® disclose

As a special service for our valued clients patent applications and other technical documents can be made available to the public so these documents represent prior art (defensive publication). This publication can bar intellectual-property rights for similar or identical inventions filed by other individuals at a later stage. This prior art can also be drawn upon to invalidate intellectual-property rights with a later priority dated obtained by other individuals. As a downloadable digital library consisting of PDF-documents these documents can be viewed and downloaded by the public for a certain period of time. Upon publication the publisher receives an attested certificate that can be presented at offices or courts if the date of publication of the document is of the essence.

PATvokat ® disclose